Mobile web camera in three minutes! Your own web camera free of charge  
Mobile web camera for SYMBIAN operation system phonesAll you have to do is to enter the number you can see on the mobile display into the CODE field.

Enter the number of MobCam into the CODE field and click button VIEW.

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MobCam is a freeware application for mobile phones using the SYMBIAN operation system – Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650... This enables you to create a quick and easy mobile WEB camera that can be placed just about anywhere. Then you can look at the pictures from this WEB camera on-line at
  Free download
  MobCam is available in both English and Czech versions with no functional difference between them. You can directly download from here or from a WAP server at
  Install and Set up
  Program installation is very simple; you can start it immediately after downloading the SIS file into your mobile. These pages describe how to set up the programme.
  View Mobcam
  As soon as you start the MobCam application on your mobile, you’ll be able to begin on-line watching of the mobile camera shots on this web site. All you have to do is enter the number you see on the mobile display into the CODE field.
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